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How we can help

Supported living is targeted to people with disabilities living where and with whom they want, for as long as they want, with the ongoing support they will need to keep this choice. Through our supported living care, we enable people to live their lives as they wish. We can assist you in locating suitable lodging as well as provide continuous support.

We believe that everyone has the right to live the life they want. People can live happy and fulfilling lives in their own homes, with their own tenancies, thanks to our specialized assistance.

We can assist you in locating suitable lodging as well as provide continuous support.

Our Care service help people irrespective of situation and lifestyle condition between from young adults to elderly in their living choice and wherever they want with Carelifeline supported living, we guarantee our care service to meet your need which often moving them from residential care or family homes into their own place or a house shared with friends that suit them.

We can then provide support in a way that is appropriate for each individual, whether that is around the clock, by dropping in to assist with shopping and cooking, or perhaps by assisting with other domestic support.

Choosing our Supported Living Care Services

Our supported living services help adults with a variety of needs live independently and safely in their local comfort zone environment across the UK. This includes people with various disabilities, forensic needs, mental health needs, and those who exhibit challenging behaviors.

Supported living is one of our premium services that allow persons with a variety of support requirements to maintain their freedom while receiving assistance in their own home. Supported living residents have their own tenancy and are responsible for their own bills and living expenses.

Our Process for Supported Living Care

Support is accessible from a few hours per week to 24 hours per day, seven days a week, and includes 1:1 assistance. We offer assistance in a variety of areas to help people live more enriching and happy lives.

What you will get from our Supported living

  1. Through our partnership with major local accommodation provider, There is a wide range of safe and comfortable living spaces available, including self-contained apartments and bungalows, shared living spaces, and bespoke options which we will provide you with.

  2. Assisting all our clients with the development of daily living skills, independence, and community access.

  3. Well Spacious communal areas and well-kept gardens that are both safe and private.

  4. 24/7 Provision and availability of trained and experienced carer staff

    Integration of technology gadgets based on request to maximize your secured independence.

  5. Assistance in gaining access to education and employment opportunities

Features of our Supported living

We can help you move and figure out what kind of support you’ll need to live in your own home. Please use the links below to discover your local Priory Supported Living service:

We will assist you in locating housing with local housing associations or private landlords that is either already suited to your needs or can be easily adapted to meet them. We will also assist you in understanding the details of your tenancy agreements and paying rent.

It is critical to recruit the right carer. It’s not just about finding someone who does a good job, but also about finding someone who, ideally, shares the same interests and enjoys the same things as the person they’re supporting – someone with whom they’ll enjoy spending time. This is what you will get through our Carer.

We collaborate closely with the people we assist in identifying any opportunities to help them live more independently, safely, and easily. This could take the form of personalized technology, such as a device that reminds you to close the fridge door or a fingerprint lock that eliminates the need to worry about forgetting your keys when you go shopping.

We are a registered home care provider, we can provide personal care in people’s homes. We take the quality of care and support we provide very seriously, which is why all of our supported living facilities are run in accordance with the standards set by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which regulates care provision in England.

To help you learn more about our supported living services, Please contact us today or chat with one of our carer administrator online.

Whenever you require a supported living service?

For more information about the supported living services we can offer at Carelifeline Agency, please contact us today on 08000996191, 08003165224 or click here to complete an enquiry form and one of our representative will get in touch.

“Carelifeline have been tremendously supportive to me as a young adult, and have helped me have a better understanding of my independence.

From a Young adult assisted with Supported living.