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How we can help

Are you thinking about relocating to a retirement home, an independent living facility, or a senior living community? Examine our options to learn more about taking advantage of our independent living care.

Providing Care for the Elderly

Independent living is basically one of our service that’s targeted to a type of accommodation created specifically for the seniors, usually those aged. From apartment-style living to single-family detached homes, there is a vast range of housing options. In general, housing is more suited to the needs of older adults, being more compact, easier to navigate, and requiring minimal maintenance or yard labor.

Our independent living facilities do not provide medical care or nursing staff since they are designed for older persons who require little or no assistance with activities of daily living.

However, our carer can be regarded to provide some other care as the need might be.

Who it’s for

Independent living is a terrific alternative for seniors who are still active, social, and want to be a part of the community, but do not require personal care or medical help.

Why you might need an Independent living care for yourself or a loved one:

  • Your existing home has become difficult to maintain, and you’d like to be free of housekeeping and maintenance responsibilities.
  • When You or your loved one love socializing with other adults and want to live in a community with individuals your age who will engage in community activities with you.
  • You desire the convenience of having a fitness center, hairdresser, and restaurant all within walking distance of your home.

What we offer

No matter what type of independent living facility you consider, we will provide you with the best quality care that you want to make sure you connect with other peers and feel comfortable in the community.

Our Carers are provided to you to ease your boredom, lonely and makes you feel a companion presence

Talk to us now, let’s choose the perfect care that will match your need and provide you with a carer that will always suit you.

We believe any move for an older person can be stressful, even one that’s welcomed. One of the biggest stressors is often fear of the unknown, so we make sure your loved one knows what to expect from an independent living or retirement home and provide them with the necessary fits for their living experience.

Benefits of our Independent Living care?

Carelifeline is a registered care provider and we have provide Independent living care service to numerous clients around the United Kingdom which has open numerous advantages for seniors who want to live a stress-free life in their golden years.

Carelifeline has makes it easy for you to find your preferred independent living communities in your chosen area by speaking with us to discuss about your requirements, we will make this a reality.


While our care service for independent living communities provides various tasks such as cleaning, preparing meals, and transportation, it do not provide higher-level services such as support with activities of daily living (ADLs) or medical care.

Now that you have a clear idea of your requirements for an independent living care, it’s time to begin your search. Begin your search from our platform as we have carefully screened, trained and interview all our carer to see they meet the perfect match you will always desired.

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Please contact us. We're available to assist you. We're confident that we'll be able to locate the ideal carer for you.